This website is designed to act as a central hub for all of my apps and other creations. My content can generally be found on twitter (@JosephJefe). I also write articles and produce graphics for KC Sports Network. You can find a list of all my articles for KCSN here on Substack.

Shiny Apps

Each of the Shiny Apps listed below has a full page guide on this website that you can access from the left hand sidebar. This is simply a listing of them along with a short description.

Team Formations Shiny App

The Team Formations Shiny App generates a table of a teams formations for a single game or a range of games. It also lists every player and how many snaps they got in each formation.

Pillbox Charts Shiny App

The Pillbox Charts Shiny App generates a graphic with a list of all the players who played in a game, along with a tick, or pill, for every snap they played. These graphics also show the down, the player with the carry/target, whether it was a pass or run play, and the drive outcome.

All-22 App

The All-22 App is a table of every snap in a specific game or range of games. It is designed to assist people who watch film to find specific plays. This app provides the quarter, time, down and distance, as well as many other data items that help to identify specific plays a person might want to watch.

Trade Calculator App

The Trade Calculator App allows you to input the draft picks in a trade, and it generates a table of 6 different trade charts, and how much value was gained or lost per each chart.

Team Schedules App

The Team Schedules App allows you to select a team and a year, and it generates a team schedule with the team colors. It is designed to be a background or wallpaper for a smartphone.